Set 2, 2014
Commenti disabilitati su Gender, Nature and the City

Gender, Nature and the City

My new essay published in Human Geography: A New Radical Journal, Vol.7, #3, 2014

Abstract: An ecologist and eco-feminist critique is likely to promote an innovative environmentalist urban policy. A new relation between humanity and nature implies a different aesthetic and architecture of the city. In the past, men were in control of the public sphere, thus they built their cities according to their attitudes and values. The traditional (masculine) behavior proved efficient since human species aimed at dominating a resilient nature. This approach is no longer suitable vis-à-vis the environmental crisis in an endangered environment. Women may still operate as privileged subjects of radical change provided they assume a leadership role in the environmentalist movement and propose a city envisaged according to a new way of thinking and feeling which fits into a reconsidered relationship between humanity and nature. 

Keywords: Urban Geography, Radical Urbanism, Environmentalism, Eco-feminism, City Architecture