Mag 10, 2016
Commenti disabilitati su IS SADIQ KHAN REALLY MUSLIM?


Khan’s religion and origin have been (properly) used!

Is Sadiq Khan really a Muslim of Pakistani origin? The newly elected Mayor of London is also so many other things that are politically much more important than his religion and his parents’ origin. Kahn made a long and successful career in the “soft left” of Labor Party, so that in one of his first speeches as Mayor of London he attacked Corbyn, the Labor current leftist leader. Nothing wrong in it of course, but no one can expect any radical change in city government.

A Muslim Pakistani must be even more conventional than any other politician to be accepted by the British and by Labor establishments. No one more than a Pakistani Muslim in UK is required to prove loyal and reliable, in effect conservative. Thus, politically Kahn contributes to a further swelling of the centrist quagmire in which most Western politicians float adrift with the only goal of not to sink.

The election of Khan in a prominent and highly visible political role is a well-timed move to lessen tensions among ethnic and religious communities. It shows that the majority of London voters (not so sure about British) are still tolerant and open-minded. However, it is nothing more than a brilliant and appropriate communication campaign. Rather than respect Khan’s religion and origin, they have been properly used!