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35027 Padova, Italy

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Area of Expertise

Public Policy, Labor Policies

Social and Political Research

Government Relations

Communication and Media

Environmental Studies


1981-1983 Post-doctoral studies at the University ofPadova,Italy

1979-80   Graduate study at the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, JohnsHopkinsUniversity,Baltimore,MD(Junior International Fellow of Urban Studies at the Institute for Policy Studies)

1974   Dottorato Magistrale in Political Science (Dottore in Scienze Politiche), University of Padova, Italy

2013 Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale (Italia) in Geografia

 Current appointments and activities

2004-2012.       Adjunct Professor,University of Bergamo,Italy; teaching Economics of Cooperation and Development, Economics and Environmental Ethics, and coordinating the Laboratory in Environmental Communication

2008-2011.       President International Urban Fellows Association, Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Policy Studies, Baltimore (U.S.A.)

1994-pres.       Serving on several scientific committees and on institutional boards including the Johns Hopkins University International Urban Fellows Association board (Past President 2008-2011).

1994-pres.       Regular contributor to major Italian newspapers, periodicals, and commentator on television (licensed by the Official Italian Journalist Professional Association).

 Past professional experience (most recent)

2003   Director (political appointment) of the Regional Immigration Observatory, Venezia; focusing on immigration workforce issues

1999-2002   President (political appointment) and acting Director of Istituzione Progetto Impresa, an institutional public body providing public utilities and specializing in industrial relations, training, employment, and economic development in Padova, Italy with an annual budget of € 10.000.000,oo;  responsible for economic and employment policy for the City Government; coordinating EU-funded programs Adapt, Equal, and Integra concerning workforce and integration policies

 1994-1998  Chief editor of the Italian monthly journal Ambiente, Risorse, Salute,Padova,Italy

 1987-1994  Director, Fondazione Lanza (Lanza Foundation), Padova, Italy; directing international research program on ethics and environmental policies

1986-1987  Vice Director, Centro Italiano di ricerche e d’informazione sull’economia delle imprese pubbliche e di pubblico interesse (Italian Research and Information Center on Public Enterprises), Milan, Italy.

1984-1985  Researcher, Fondazione Censis,Rome, Italy

1970-1971      Military service in Carabinieri

 Past academic experience

2010 2011 Visiting lecturer, Universitat Autonoma Barcelona

2008-2009   Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) and at Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ)

2006-2007   Compagnia di San Paolo Senior International Urban Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Institute for Public Policy,Baltimore,MD

1999-2003  Adjunct Professor, University of Trieste,Italy; teaching Environmental Marketing

1999-2001  Visiting Lecturer, University Ovid, Costanza,Romania; teaching four courses in regional economic development policies, social change, economic incentives, and entrepreneurial strategies to government officers and practitioners (EU appointment)

1995-1996 Visiting Full Professor, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology,Brisbane,Australia; teaching courses in environmental planning and policy

1995-1996  Adjunct Professor, Dipartimento di Geografia, Università di Padova, Italy

1991-1993  Adjunct Professor, Istituto di pianificazione territoriale, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università di Padova, Italy

winter 1990     Visiting researcher, Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California, Berkeley

1985-1986   Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; teaching a course in small business-based regional economic development

1985-1986  Senior international fellow funded by a Fulbright fellowship, Institute of Policy Studies, Johns Hopkins University,Baltimore, MD

1983-1984, Special International Fellow, Center for Metropolitan Planning and Research, Johns Hopkins University,Baltimore, MD

1979-1980   Junior international fellow (on a Ford Foundation fellowship), Center for Metropolitan Planning and Research, Johns Hopkins University,Baltimore, MD

1977   Post-doctoral seminar in urban and regional planning—Salzburg Seminar in American Studies,Salzburg,Austria.