Negotiating for Ukraine

Russia, by the authoritative voice of its president and foreign minister, proposed to the G7 leaders to negotiate for an end to the war in Ukraine. The response from the West was only one: “WAR!” The Western regime media glossed over the proposal and confirmed that “military victory” is to be the only possible solution.

Meanwhile, all polls proved that EU public opinion is largely against the war. At the elections for the EU Parliament, the citizens voted against their governments or abstained from voting. Thus, the real consensus for war is minimal, and the leaders are moving against people’s will. I explained this in a previous article commenting on EU elections.

Has Russia asked for too much? Sure, but if you negotiate, the positions get closer; if you want war, you don’t negotiate — and you don’t destroy pipelines in the Baltic.

Even Hamas and Israel are negotiating! With little success, admittedly, but they deal. Why doesn’t the US/NATO and increasingly militarized Europe make a counterproposal to negotiate instead of demanding a return to the previous situation that provoked the war? Is there a delirium of arrogance and the perverted desire to humiliate the enemy?

Hitler and Goebbels talked about how to convince the people that war is worth it

Russian leaders show more responsibility and are open to negotiating as equals. The Russian government has always used correct, albeit firm, diplomatic language and has never personally insulted Western leaders. Euro-Atlantic leaders have hurled insults at legitimate Russian authorities. Where are the barbarians? There is no comparison between the genocide perpetrated by West-backed Israel and the bloody war in Ukraine. However, Israelis are not banned from sports events and boycotted as Russia is.

The US/NATO has shown only arrogance toward an enemy that can only be defeated at the cost of severe material and human losses — and may not even be defeated. Are Western leaders barking like scared dogs? Russia is not alone in the world and has a huge nuclear arsenal. Is this the Shakespearian Brutus’ fearful bravery in Azio?

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