Eva’s Rib

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In recent years, the topic of gender and sex equality has gained significant attention in the Western world. From a radical and leftist perspective, it is now time for us to challenge the perception of a men-dominated society. This belief belongs to the past and shows humiliating victimhood younger women no longer deserve. Not to speak about the unfortunate attempt to belittle masculine attitudes, feelings, and sensitivities.

In the public sphere, our society is undoubtedly the outcome of a masculine way of thinking and approaching problems as it is the language and shared rhetoric. However, for approximately two decades, women have had equal opportunities and rights and are more competitive than men in doing what men have always done. If they want to.

The old narration goes along the lines: while women have been outperforming men in education for decades, this success needs to be reflected in their representation in high-ranking positions. This discrepancy is not due to a lack of ambition or ability but rather to women prioritizing different aspects of life over careers and money. The fact that women get better grades and complete their studies earlier and in a more significant number than men proves that all education, and thus culture and society, fit into a woman-friendly environment. Some power-loaded professions, such as medical doctors and judges, are now more represented by women. Men might still hold more high-ranking positions because they attain them when they are senior and crave such posts. Because there’s an expectation that men desire careers and money more than women, it is likely that employers bear a bias and are prejudicially available to hire and pay more for men than for women. It will take one more decade or so to achieve parity or even have more women than men in higher-ranking positions. There is no longer any need to encourage the substitution process or fight for it. As for the biased attitude of expecting men to be more dedicated to work, it is also rapidly changing. However, being less money and career-oriented is something to be proud of instead of feeling discriminated against. It constitutes a significant social change.

It’s important to note how women are sometimes less interested in money and careers, and many are keen on a more relaxed and free life. This is not a universal trait but a trend observed in some sections of society. By doing so, these women, consciously or not, oppose the capitalist system, which, on the other hand, exploits men — and, after emancipation, also women — by forcing them to work hard and compete with each other. The capitalist system needs a cheaper workforce focused on their job and highly productive. Refusing high-rank positions and more money in exchange for an expected more work is a revolutionary act. If, in the past, less-paid women were a form of discrimination based on biases, now it is something to be proud of and a revolutionary refusal of the given labor organization.

John Adams wrote: “I must study politics and war so that my sons may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain”. Dreaming of a new world, Adams considered arts and humanities more important than war and engineering.

Women’s unique role in sparking societal change is crucial to recognize. Their navigation of the job market, opting out of high-stress, high-stakes careers while maintaining control of organizations, positions them as powerful catalysts for change. This choice is not merely personal but a radical, revolutionary act with the potential to reshape societal norms and inspire hope for a more balanced future.

It’s crucial for present-day men who want to support women’s rights to help conceive a different society rather than merely supporting women adapting to the existing social system. We need a new man proudly descending from Eva’s rib rather than an Eva as strong as Adam.

Women hold the potential to be the spark for cultural transformation if they dare to challenge the norms of the capitalist system, the approach to work, and the relationship of humanity with nature. They can ignite a revolutionary movement by refusing to adhere to expectations of hyper-productivity and work-centric standard lifestyles. This movement would inspire a shift towards a more balanced, less aggressive, and peaceful society. The fight for women’s rights and equal opportunities was once revolutionary. Today, it is too conservative if it does not exceed already achieved goals. We do not need any longer women who prove to be better than men in doing what men do and have always done. This is taken for granted. We need women who can think and develop something men — better say, the masculine society and rhetoric — have yet to imagine.

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