A Path to Peace

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to have far-reaching consequences on both international and domestic politics worldwide. For decades, it has poisoned relations between nations and individuals alike. While doubts linger about the genuine interest in resolving the conflict, a comprehensive solution can only be achieved through Israel’s military, diplomatic, and moral defeat. This outcome would serve the interests of Israeli citizens and Jews worldwide. Surrender, far from being shameful, would mirror the end of apartheid in South Africa, where the white population ultimately embraced a long-standing boycott imposed by civilized nations.

Furthermore, this defeat could be disguised as a newfound sense of responsibility, a change in government, and various other necessary hypocrisies. It entails recognizing that peace is more advantageous for all parties involved, setting aside personal passions, and prioritizing shared interests. Unless citizens continue to be held captive by those who thrive on war, this path is the most viable.

The military defeat of Israel does not necessitate further warfare; in fact, it would prevent the bloodshed that has tarnished the soul of a historically peaceful people for centuries. If the United States and Europe were to cease their military and political support for Israel, its government would be compelled to seek alternative means of coexistence with its neighbors, including engaging with groups it currently labels as terrorists. Given Israel’s current arsenal, which guarantees defense for at least a decade, there is ample time to change its military policy, ensuring security and pursuing de-escalation in relation to other forces in the region. However, this can only be achieved with the assistance of those who currently support the Israeli military, namely the United States and its allies.

The diplomatic defeat would come through international isolation, akin to the measures that led South Africa back into the global community. It would involve the return of wrongfully occupied territories and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, accompanied by significant concessions such as freedom of movement. Additionally, the transformation of Israel from a nationalist Jewish state, reminiscent of the nineteenth century European nationalism, into a republic, where all citizens are equal, as seen in France and the United States, for example, would be crucial. To embark concretely on this path, the Israeli government must acknowledge that it can no longer rely solely on military superiority. Instead, it must adopt a humbler diplomacy based on economic cooperation and coexistence, rather than perpetuating artificial survival through military dominance, which only perpetuates death and hatred.

Moral Defeat and the Path to Reason

Achieving a moral defeat entails not only admitting to crimes against humanity and war, but also condemning those responsible for them (though it would be better to avoid and moderate retaliations). It requires stripping away the exceptionalism attributed to the State of Israel and bringing it back to the realm of normalcy, like any other nation. This includes refraining from constantly invoking the Holocaust, an event that transpired almost a century ago and now serves only to perpetuate a victimhood mentality, ultimately fueling a misguided anti-Semitism.

The Palestinian cause enjoys widespread support worldwide, bolstered by propaganda no less effective than that of the West. However, it is only in North America and Europe where governments and media unanimously justify the massacres of Palestinian civilians and children, employing a propaganda machine reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.

The burden of retaliation and ensuing turmoil, following yet another Israeli reprisal, will fall squarely on Europeans. We coexist with a largely marginalized Muslim population residing in the outskirts of our cities, resistant to our propaganda while receptive to Arab, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, and Russian sources of information, all united by the ongoing US/NATO conflict in Ukraine.

Already, we witness the rise of “do-it-yourself” attacks carried out by fanatics and psychopaths who have found an outlet for their grievances. Because there are millions living in Europe, it is statistically certain that someone, even if driven by abstract hatred, will decide to stab, shoot, or mow down innocent victims.

Soon, there will be further attacks and uprisings orchestrated by smaller cells, allowed to grow, and fester by enemies of the West who abstain from offering support openly. These cells find fertile ground in European urban peripheries, fueled by simmering anger and populist anti-Islamism.

Within a year, a major terrorist attack could occur, unless the intelligence services of both sides—who, at the highest levels, know each other all too well—agree to prevent it (or perhaps even facilitate it).

Bringing Israel back to reason means restoring respect and dignity to the country. Moreover, protecting the Palestinians (and Israelis from themselves as well as their enemies) is the only way for Europe to peacefully coexist with the millions of Muslims and Arabs (and in general with the growing number of marginalized citizens) already present within its borders, as well as those who arrive daily, having been exposed to a completely different narrative about Gaza through their media—a story that may be right or wrong, but is certainly divergent from our own.

Determining the true historical account will be the task of tomorrow’s historians, but its relevance at this moment is rather insignificant. Today, billions of people do not believe our version of events, and millions of them walk among us. Europe and its governments must regain credibility and resist the crumbling hegemony of America.

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