In Retaliation of Retaliation

Hamas, with the assistance of other organizations advocating for the liberation of Palestine, has committed an appalling and unjustifiable act of unprecedented cruelty and violence against both civilians and military personnel. The Israeli government’s ability to defend its citizens has proven ineffective.

Hamas seeks to rationalize this act of retaliation as a means to avenge numerous grievances, including the relentless bombings of Gaza, the unlawful establishment of settlements by colonists in the West Bank, the detention of minors in Israeli prisons without due process, the demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, and a multitude of other crimes. Notably, the assassination of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh remains unresolved, as Israel adamantly refuses to initiate an investigation.

Hamas and other pro-Palestine organizations have garnered significant support from most of the Palestinian population in Gaza and a substantial portion of the citizens in the occupied West Bank. Regardless of the moral implications, they have also managed to evoke “sympathy” from citizens and governments in various non-Western nations.

However, Hamas’ act of retaliation remains unjustifiable.

In response to Israel’s previous retaliatory actions, which were themselves prompted by prior Palestinian offenses, which, in turn, were retaliatory measures against previous Israeli transgressions, the vastly superior Israeli military is now executing an equally unjustifiable retaliation. This wave of violence has resulted in the slaughter of women and children, culminating in a horrific massacre.

Israel’s retaliatory response is likewise unjustifiable.

The young individuals currently engaged in combat against Israel were conceived amidst the chaos of bombs two decades ago. Even today, within Palestinian and Arab households in the region, couples are still making love and conceiving the fighters of tomorrow, driven by a desire for retribution against Israel for the thousands of children mercilessly killed.

In the coming year, we anticipate an increase in attacks throughout the Western world, particularly in Europe. By choosing to align with one party instead of mediating between the two adversaries and restoring a semblance of justice for the impoverished and oppressed, Europe risks facing the consequences of this decision.

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